Your Photograhers, we are

And along with the amazing pictures of you we are ELEGANT VISUALS.

ELEGANT VISUALS is Stefanie and Leonardo both very enthusiastic about photography and with over a decade of intense experience. And now we are here to capture the pure emotions in your most important moments of your lifetime in the most delicious way.

We are with you on your wedding day. We know how precious it is for you and how carefully and dearly you have dreamed and planned every single detail. We have come a long way to gain all the skills, experience and the sensitivity to eternalize it for you for all the years to come. From the morning on we will shadow you with all the excitement in every single stage of the day, preparations, make up and dressing and you name it to get to the ceremony and all the intimate moments in between. Not to forget the party afterwards and the pictures with your beloved.

Or if you are not married but you want to propose or just capture your love and emotions for each other in this wonderfully beautiful and inspiring city, we are extremely happy to be the ones to record it for you. Or maybe you are on a family visit to Paris or living here or you are pregnant and expecting a new family member or just got a newborn, whatever it is – your current important moment – Portraits, Fashion or Beauty photo sessions because you want to make this experience of being dressed, getting styled and visualize a special period of your life – let’s keep it forever. Let’s save it by making an amazing series of pictures out of YOUR MOMENT.

You prefer styled pictures or very natural and candid ones – tell us what you want and we visually tell your story.

Get in touch and share your story with us.

Stefanie and Leonardo

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